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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

The Rise and Fall of Globosome

Sascha Geddert (DE)


The first Ideas for the Globosome actually started in 2005, my first year at the Filmakademie. I read a lot about climate change. It was before Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and I wondered why nobody else seemed to be worried. I started asking how we humans are intellectually superior to bacteria in a Petri dish if we exceed our natural limits? I also wondered whether there are other civilizations out there—which seems plausible given the number of planets we see in our known universe—and if they might go through the same struggle to become renewable after millennia of growth. Maybe civilizations are dying all the time in the universe. So I made a small film where I interviewed climate scientists and I showed it to my fellow students. I feel that I am part of a few generations that have the responsibility to ask these radical questions. Humans are definitely at the crossroads right now and our collective decisions will determine the well-being of many generations to come. Over time, these questions condensed into a story of these little dots and their rise and fall on a small planet covered in plants. After a long phase of scribbling and tossing around ideas, the actual production of the Globosome started in late 2009. My main influences for the project were books and documentaries. For example there is a mind opening book The Global Brain, by Howard Bloom, about the evolution of cells. Also I am a big fan of BBC documentaries, especially their time-lapse photography and their short documentary Britain from Above. For other animated short films that inspired me, I should mention Krapooyo and Theros and the works by my fellow Filmakademie students from Polynoid.

I assembled a team of about ten people to work on the film, including technical directors and stereographers as well as for music and sound design. Alongside to the film, we developed a game, Globosome: Path of the Swarm, which allows you to control these little spherical beings yourself. It has been in the App Store since May 22, and was one of those “Wouldn’t it be cool . . . ?” ideas that are easily said and much harder to pull off. Fortunately the Animation and Interactive Media departments had just moved into the in the same building together when we had the idea, which made collaboration a lot easier. We liked the idea of being able to control a swarm in an intuitive way and with the iPad and the Unity game engine this was actually possible.


Sascha Geddert

Sascha Geddert (DE) was born in 1984, the son of artist/painter Sabine Geddert in Hamburg, Germany. He started making films while still young, also winning prizes at youth video festivals. In 2005 he started studying at the Baden-Württemberg Filmakademie, where he made the Fallen and the 2012 FMX trailer based on his ideas for the short film The Rise and Fall of Globosome. The actual film was finished in 2013. The iOS game Globosome: Path of the Swarm was finished in 2014. He now lives and works in Berlin.

Creator/Director: Sascha Geddert

Producer: Philipp Wolf

Stereo Lead: Andreas Feix

Technical Director: Thomas Hartmann, Tonio Freitag, Patrick Schuler, Björn Mantelars

Music: Patrizio Deidda

Sounddesign & Mix: Namralata „Nami“ Strack

Compositing:Johannes Peter, Silke Finger, Manuel Rivoir