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There is the sun

Ief Spincemaille (BE)


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In the 60s one of the biggest residential complexes in Leuven (Belgium), Sint Maartensdal, had the goal of creating a modern social commune made of identical apartments. In spite of the architect Renaat Braem’s idealistic intentions, the Sint-Maartensdal site has a fundamental inequality: only half of the occupants enjoy direct sunlight. The people living in block 1 are affected the most.

There is the Sun aims at providing a solution to this problem. Building upon the site’s renovation a few years ago, There is the Sun aspired to bring about a “symbolic restoration”: visualizing and resuscitating the utopian dream and the social-artistic ideas upon which this project was founded.

I placed three motorized mirrors to reflect sunlight towards one specific point. Using a user-friendly website, occupants could click on the date and time they wished to book sunlight for their apartment. One of the mirrors then turned to reflect the sunlight through their window. The directional aspect of the mirrors made them act like a spotlight: a mechanical system directed a small quantity of sunlight to one specific place. Check out for the online calendar with the reservations that were made.

To add to the installation, I asked both Gijs Van Vaerenbergh (architects) and Wide Vernocke (illustrator) to make a personal contribution to this symbolic restoration. In doing so, There is the Sun became a collaboration that created a local context within which to present these different works. This context was literally in the garden in front of my workshop and office. What took place resulted in an in-situ project which created a local exchange between occupants, creators, the public and bystanders.


Ief Spincemaille

Ief Spincemaille (BE), born 1976, obtained his master in philosophy at the university of Leuven and studied jazz, modern music and music and technology at L’aula de musica, Barcelona. After finishing his studies he made his first work as an autodidact in 2006: Is the great bear a lonely bear? Since then he has been active as an independent set designer and visual artist. In his work he mainly questions three themes: visual perception, modern media and the landscape.

Concept and realization: Ief Spincemaille

Technical realization: Culture crew

[Side projects] Road Marking: Wide Vercnocke

Visualisation of UTOPIA: Gijs Van Vaerenbergh

Produced by: 30CC, STUK Leuven, The Enbroadener, the city of Leuven, WERKTANK