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Auszeichnung - Award of Distinction



Goteo, the open crowd-funding and crowd-sourcing platform, is an initiative that started at the end of 2011 and in two years has helped raise more than €1.5million for open-source, copyleft and commons-based projects, as well as thousands of non-monetary collaborations, configuring a community of communities. Managed by the Fuentes Abiertas Foundation, a non-profit organization created to assure the principles of openness, neutrality, transparency and independence in the development and maintenance of the project, apart from being itself Goteo stands out as an open-source tool for managing its “capital riego” (feeder capital fund) via specific calls with partner institutions. We also promote an experimental laboratory and develop co-creation methodologies around the commons, open-source and free knowledge in different social, cultural and economic fields, having facilitated more than 50 #LearnByFunding workshops. This means that more than 1,000 people from cultural, social, academic, entrepreneurial, environmental and many other areas have trained and advised on collective funding, as well as being involved in facilitating discussions about openness, transparency and copyleft licensing among other things for projects they care about.

Why are we different

• Distributed collaboration: In Goteo, apart from monetary contributions, people collaborate by offering services, material resources, infrastructure or by participating in specific microtasks needed for the development of projects.

• Collective return: Goteo seeks a social return on investment and for this reason, apart from individual rewards for backers, the system is based on collective returns for the development of the commons.

• Transparency: Each campaign must specify the details of where the money will go if it succeeds. Added to the two-rounds scheme, it makes even very successful campaigns responsible for how to use extra money obtained.

• Two co-funding rounds: Each with a duration of 40 days, the first is an “all or nothing” round for the minimum essential budget, while the second is for an optimum sum to carry out additional improvements.

• Tax-deductible: Donations to projects via Goteo are tax-deductible

• Training: More than 1,000 people from cultural, social, academic, entrepreneurial, environmental and many other areas trained and advised throughout the 50 workshops.

• Community of local nodes: Goteo grows as a community of communities, a network of local, independent, inter-coordinated nodes which serve to localize the digital, contextualizing it. The first has started already in the Basque country, supported by the Basque government. The second is in Andalusia (Spain), the next will be in Nantes (France)

• Free/open licenses: Projects that wish to be co-funded with the help of Goteo license the copying, public communication, distribution, modification and/or use of part or all of each creation.

• Open source: The core code of Goteo is freely available under a GPL3 license, allowing for the appropriation as well as participatory development of the tool:

Jury Statement:

Goteo is a social network for crowd-funding and distributed collaboration such as services, infrastructures, microtasks and other resources for encouraging the independent development of creative and innovative initiatives that contribute to the common good, free knowledge and open code. We find Goteo to be well designed to make an impact. It implements the crowd-funding model from an open-source framework. It focuses on funding projects that can have a strong local, regional and national impact. It empowers citizens and communities to address the mounting challenges of Spain in the current context of financial crisis and social cuts.



Goteo is an initiative managed by a non-profit organization Fundación Fuentes Abiertas (Open Sources Foundation), promoted by Platoniq, with a current staff of eight people) in order to ensure that the core principles of openness, neutrality, transparency and independence are maintained through all its development and management, the foundation also promotes an experimentation laboratory through practical workshops which in turn are applied for the benefit of the common good, open-source code and free knowledge in various social, cultural, and economic spheres. The Fuentes Abiertas Foundation is mainly promoted by Platoniq, an international cultural association founded in 2001, which works from the social base through bottom-up processes, cooperating with public institutions, universities and companies with affinity for the collaborative economy’s philosophy and the principles of free knowledge.

Goteo is an initiative managed by the non-profit organization Fundación Fuentes Abiertas (Open Sources Foundation), promoted by Platoniq.