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Nicolas Deveaux (FR)


A herd of giraffes embarks on a sequence of high-flying acrobatic dives! They lope up a spiral ramp and get into position. The first one takes a running start onto a diving board that extends out above an Olympic-size indoor swimming pool. Another giraffe—this one suspended upside-down from the ceiling—is on hand to help. Its job is to sling the giraffe on the diving board into the air. One after the other at regular intervals, the giraffes dynamically execute the most awesome rotations and twists before knifing perfectly into the water and swimming to the edge of the pool. Then they hop out and line up in preparation for their second dive. . . . This film is to be understood above all as playful. The absurdity of the situation comes as a surprise, and then quickly dissolves to make room for a healthy dose of humor. There is something communicative about the obvious exuberance the giraffes display in performing their tucks and pikes. We are not watching a film about diving that ends with a gag; we are experiencing a moment that is absurd, funny and poetic at the same time.

Software: Maya (Arnold), After Effects, Nuke, Photoshop


Nicolas Deveaux

Nicolas Deveaux (FR). An author and director of animation films (CGI and 3D), Nicolas Deveaux has a very personal universe around two passions: the image and the animal world. In 2003, just graduated from the Supinfocom School of Computer Graphics, he directed his first professional short film 7tonnes2, featuring a realistic elephant trampoline champion. The success of this (selected in various international festivals, including the famous Annecy festival in France) allowed him to carry out many projects ranging from documentaries (Sea Rex, Imax 3D, The Lazy Giant, documentary TV), advertising (Kinder, Okay Lotus, Lipton, SuperCroix etc.), through the theme-park films (City of the Sea in Biarritz, EANA in Normandy etc.). Already confirmed in a realist style, at the same time he developed graphic and poetic writing inspired by old graphic prints and lithographs, always with a view to showing the best of nature . . . from animals to plants.

Director: Nicolas Deveaux

CUBE creative productions: Lionel Fages, Bruno Le Levier, Majid Loukil

CUBE creatives computer company production: Majid Loukil, Léa Barrot, Aurélia Sellier

CG supervisor, lighting artist: Laurent Borenstein

Lighting artist: François Lorain

Technical supervisor: Julien Stiegler

Modeling, texturing, camera: Nicolas Deveaux

Set Up, skinning: Christophe Petit

Animator: Benoit Moranne

VFX: Thomas Hullin

Compositing: Gaëlle Bossis, Yannick Castaing

Music & sound design: Olivier Militon

Recorded by L’Orchestre Symphonique de la WDR de Cologne, led by Conrad Van Alphen

Music mix: Frédéric Finand

Mixing studio: Studio Pilon Cinéma

TV chanels : Orange, Arte France

With the participation of: CNC, Mairie de Paris, Procirep/Angoa