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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

The Chimera of M.

Sebastian Buerkner (DE)


At its core the digital animation The Chimera of M. attempts to wed its physical constitution to its narrative ambition. Viewers find themselves behind the eyes of an unseen and distinctly unreliable protagonist, so evasive that he and his motives can hardly be identified. He moves through the old haunts, seemingly attempting to re-engage with two abandoned relationships, one with a man, one with a woman.

The very fractured and expressive manifestation of the three-dimensional space in this stereoscopic film, combined with the protagonist’s point of view, puts the viewers inside these contorted relationships. The spatial and visual ambiguity of the film seems to evade definition and induces a personal investment by the viewer in unraveling the perceived imagery. In contrast to camera-shot 3D film, where space tends to be hyperdefined and “sculpted,” in The Chimera of M. the animation, objects and places have been dismantled and redistributed in space to fit their expressive purpose in the visual landscape. All the elements were initially animated in 2D through multitudes of transparent layers and later suspended in space. This process amplified the fertile interplay between the visual appearance and its representation.


Sebastian Buerkner

Sebastian Buerkner (DE), born in 1975 in Berlin, studied fine art at the HKD in Halle/Saale in Germany. Then he moved to London to complete his fine art education with an MA at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2002, where he was awarded a fellowship residency the following year. His work has been exhibited in several group and solo shows internationally. Since 2004 he has worked exclusively on animation. He has had solo exhibitions in London at the Lounge Gallery in 2006 and the Whitechapel Project Space in 2007 and The Showroom in 2008. He is a part-time visiting teacher and visiting lecturer at several colleges and universities in London

Director, animator: Sebastian Buerkner

Script: Sebastian Buerkner, John Moseley

Sound edit and mix: Gernot Fuhrmann

Voices: James French, Martina Schmücker, Micheal Grime

Additional animation: Peter Caires, Timothy Divall, Natalie Rose Young

Motion capture performers: Nissa Nishikawa, Junya Ishii