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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions


Zeitguised (DE): Matt Frodsham (GB), Chris Hoffmann (DE), Katha Niedermeijer (DE), Marian Pramberger (AT)


A lighthearted essay on the contextualization of familiar and unassuming animals. Two strands in the work of Zeitguised merge in this piece. One strives for character design with little or no recognizable anthropomorphisms or animal features. The other is a synthetic construction of images through deconstructed fragments of the prevalent photo realism in CG.

The work saw its first sketches around two years ago as a pitch for a rebrand of a TV channel. Back then it was planned to film and track live birds and augment the pictures with 3D CG in composition. However, our preferred workflow is pure CG animation, and we thus set out to revise the topic and animate the birds by hand. The final ideas came about while working on the actual film. In the end what tied the film together conceptually was the subtle humor emerging from blending the realistic motion of the birds, which was hand animated by Matt Frodsham, with the wrong and surreal materials and objects associated with these animals in a wider context. This is why we coined our approach of “contextualized characters”, as the design stems from their own context and is therefore also a humorous reference to the prevalent self-referentiality as a ubiquitous device in contemporary art.

Software: Cinema 4D with Octane Render Engine, Remotion Uniflex, Remotion Phyfluids, XParticles, ZBrush, After Effects



Zeitguised (DE) is an award-winning studio for contemporary art, founded in 2001 by American sculpture and fashion designer Jamie Raap (US) and German architect Henrik Mauler (DE). Their collective is based in Berlin, where they craft organic-synthetic image constructions on the frontier between abstraction and realism. Their work has been exhibited in international art galleries such as the Vienna Film Museum 2014, La Gaité Lyrique, Paris 2014, the Victoria and Albert Museum, London 2014, After Squat, Paris 2012, the Volta Art Fair, New York 2011, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona 2011, and the Art Center Nabi, Seoul, 2009 (selection). After studying architecture and design, Henrik Mauler (DE) taught experimental digital design and game concepts at the University of Stuttgart. After working and living in Chicago and London, together with Jamie he opened the Zeitguised studio in Berlin in 2010. Katharina Niedermeijer (DE) was born in the early 80s. It is said that David Bowie blinked into her baby stroller with both eyes! In 2011 she graduated from the Potsdam University of Film and Television with a diploma degree in animation studies. She focuses on the visualization of moods and sound in various animation techniques (3D, stop-motion, pixilation, drawn) and works at Zeitguised Berlin as a freelancer. Matt Frodsham (UK/DE), born 1986, is a motion designer based in Berlin. He studied graphic design at the University of Salford and has been working in the design industry since 2008. After graduating he worked as a freelance 3D animator in Manchester before landing in Berlin. He balances commercial design work with art projects, short animated films and collaborations within the punk community. Chris Hoffmann (DE), born 1983, is a freelance animator/designer based in Berlin, he joined Zeitguised in 2013 while still running his own visual laboratory UglyStupidHonest.

Concept, Art Direction, Design, Animation: Zeitguised with Matt Frodsham, Chris Hoffmann, Katha Niedermeijer

Lead Animation: Matt Frodsham

Music/Sound: Matt Frodsham and Marian Pramberger (Zeitguised)