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Masanobu Hiraoka (JP)


The word land always made a great impression on me. The land, which seemed to be very wide, but was very limited. The land, which is quiet, yet very powerful. Someone is living there alone (a very selfish, and lonely human being).

First I wanted to express these images in an animation. I always made animations with an image that looked into a certain miniature garden inside me. I tried to use animation to express a view of the world like poetry.

I made the animation using Photoshop and edited it in After Effects. I did not use specific effects, but drew everything (it is a frame-by-frame animation). I wanted to express motion graphics and graphic design in hand-drawn animation. I love 3D animation, but I still believe in the possibilities of 2D animation


Masanobu Hiraoka

Masanobu Hiraoka (JP) is an animation director, designer and illustrator. He graduated from university in 2010 and then started work as a freelancer in Tokyo. He has worked on projects for Volkswagen, UNIQLO and many others.

Director: Masanobu Hiraoka

Music & Sound design: Aimar Molero

Voice: Marina Herlop