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Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

iPhone Quick-Draw System

Shota Mori (JP)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9Psqkq1nwU, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuP78X6H5JU%20

The iPhone has conquered the world because of its information-processing speed and its design.

The iPhone Quick-Draw System is an up-sleeve holster for an iPhone with a quick-release mechanism. When not in use it is stored up the sleeve, inspired by the holster release mechanism in the movie Taxi Driver. The loneliness that the hero of Taxi Driver (Robert De Niro) faces, is the common loneliness faced by the modern Japanese. Even though he has the most sophisticated communication tools at hand—faster than a samurai could draw his sword—he is still lonely. Lost in a world with constant phone contact there is no way for the urban warrior to connect to anyone outside of his own imagination.

In a very strong performance, taped on video, Shota Mori raises a serious cultural critique. The video is deeply disturbing, desperately sad and weirdly funny at the same time.


Shota Mori

Shota Mori (JP), born 1983, is a performer / filmmaker. He produces various performance stage appearances and video productions. The video has had approximately three million hits on YouTube and featured on television at home and abroad. It was inspired by the movie Taxi Driver and has been posted on blogs such as Gizmodo.
In 2013, Shota Mori directed the music video Futari ha Koibito by Kuchiroro and the ILC Sefuri High School! promotional video for the Kyushu International Linear Collider video (director with Kurando Furuya), he was the filmmaker for the Gainax Poke exchange diary-SF100sight and for the KORG promotion video Kaossilator 2 & mini kaoss pad2 Quick-Draw System. In December 2013, the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival entertainment division jury recommended the iPhone Quick-Draw System and the Sefuri ILC High School! videos.