Interactive Art

Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions


Agi Haines (GB)


The human body consists of practicable elements that can be easily manipulated and engineered. Through surgical procedures our bodies can be stretched, shifted and sewn, yet still be functional. What then would stop us searching for a higher level of functionality than we have now? Especially if it may have the potential to benefit the younger, more vulnerable and more malleable generation. The exhibit consists of five animatronic sculptures of babies. Each baby shows a different design for a potential body enhancement that has been surgically implemented to benefit the child. Each modification is put in place to solve a potential future problem for the baby, ranging from medical to environmental to social mobility issues. The realistic, breathing, sleeping babies have illustrated descriptions of the surgical procedure and are designed to be interactive. Holding the babies gives the audience a sense of the potential reality behind the future of modification and heightens the ethical conundrum behind the question: “In a future where forced evolution seems to be the only option for a sufficiently rapid advance, what would you do to benefit your child’s life?” Thermal epidermiplasty: a procedure designed to increase surface area of the head to allow for heat dissipation in the wake of global warming. Podiaectomy: the removal of a toe to encourage the contraction of hookworm, an allergy-reducing parasite which may lessen asthma as pollution is worsening. Extension osteogenesis: a face-shaping procedure creating a more aerodynamic facial structure, which increases the child’s job prospects in sport. Epidermal myostomy: the introduction of a new orifice in a low fatty area, which may help the child medicate itself over longer periods of time. Bibuccalplasty: the extension of the cheeks, encouraging higher absorption of caffeine so the child can work for longer hours.


Agi Haines

Agi Haines (UK). The main focus of Agi Haines’ work is on the design of the human body. How might people respond to the possibilities of our body as another everyday material and how far can we push our malleable bodies while still being accepted by society? Discovering new ideas and concepts through material testing, Agi’s research into the weird and wonderful things that exist inside us has become the basis of her research, talks, teaching and exhibits.