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#techmums is all about giving mums the opportunity to take part in the digital revolution. In ten hours of intensive, hands-on workshops we take mums, who can be disempowered around technology, from being scared of the keyboard to being tech savvy. The aims of #techmums are

#techmums is achieving these goals through an e-skills-accredited program of short, hands-on workshops that introduce mums to online security, social media savviness, essential computing skills and app and web design. In addition there is opportunity for mums to be introduced to simple Python programming to gain an understanding of the computer skills their children may learn at school. #techmums programs are delivered via schools, either directly by a #techmums trainer or by the schools themselves. All mums enrolled on the program are further supported by a dedicated #techmums online community.

Technology is critical to our future, yet many women, particularly mums, are scared of it, worried about its impact on their children and unaware of the life-changing opportunities it can offer. #techmums changes that by offering free, hands-on workshops and online support to mums in order to give them the confidence, skills and inspiration they need to take part in the digital revolution. We empower mums and their families, create female role models in technology and aim to get rid of the phrase “it’s so easy your mum could do it” from the world of technology. We will also create many jobs for mums as technology trainers across the UK and then the world. When mums sign up for the program they become part of the online #techmums community, where we help them to carry on with their technology journey. Our project has shown that we can make a dramatic difference to women’s self esteem and confidence with technology, affecting not just them but their whole family.



Initiated by Sue Black, the first #techmums pilot took place in summer 2012. The team behind is Savvify: Emma, Sue, Mary and Clare. Four mums with twelve kids between us who think mums sometimes get left behind when it comes to technology. We have created #techmums to change that. We are currently recruiting twelve trainers to go out and train mums across London.