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Cycle Swing

Ugo Uwakwe (AT)

At the request of the artist no material is displayed.

The cyclist rides up to the bicycle stand and dismounts. Then they position the front tire on the bottom of an upward arcing channel and shove the bike forward. With the momentum, the front wheel easily reaches the 12 o’clock position, where it slides onto a hook from which it hangs securely. When the cyclist is ready to use the bike again, all they have to do is pull a lever to release the hook holding the front wheel, and gravity rolls the bike back down the channel right into their hands. The innovative aspect of this project is the space-saving, flexible design of the bike storage container. Its unique feature is the curved rear wall that takes advantage of the bike’s momentum to get it up onto the storage hook. The initial approach to this project entailed horizontal storage, but this had a number of disadvantages for the user. Then the effort was made to employ the same principle in conjunction with vertical storage, and it turned out that this design was far superior - more flexible, optically more interesting, and uses the available space more efficiently. Design variants: This bike storage facility can be designed as a stand or a container (featuring room for tools so users can carry out maintenance). Materials: The channeled arc is made of galvanized steel. Among the many possible materials for the frame are sheet metal and wood paneling. Usage: If it is designed as a container in a public location, electricity can also be supplied. In a private setting, the container can be equipped with a mechanical lock.


Ugochukwu (Ugo) Uwakwe

Ugochukwu (Ugo) Uwakwe(born in 1996 in Nigeria) has lived in Vienna for almost 18 years. He has been fascinated by architecture and design since he was a little kid. His first step towards a career in this field came in 2010 when he enrolled in the Camillo Sitte secondary technical school, from which he is due to
graduate in 2015. Cycle Swing is his first major attempt to demonstrate what innovation means to him. Here he combines industrial design with mobility, which will take on increasing importance in people’slives in the future.