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Late for Meeting

David Lewandowski (US)


Late for Meeting is the first companion piece to the 2011 short film Going to the Store, which featured a silly, disjointed journey through Sunset Park in the traditions of Dadaism and surreal humor in film. The unnamed man has somehow reached East Los Angeles, now traveling through the areas of Highland Park, Glendale, Cypress Park and Eagle Rock, California.

This film was photographed with a Canon 5d2 using the magic lantern firmware to enable raw shooting, mostly shot on Canon Prime L lenses and in native 2:1 aspect. The matchmoving was carried out using PFmatchIt and it was animated using Maxon’s Cinema 4D, rendered using Vray for C4D. Edited and composited in AfterEffects on an Apple Mac Pro.

Music: The Mexican Cactus by Jean-Jacques Perrey (UMPG).

Short film, 2013, US, 1ʹ40ʺ, digital, 2:1


David Lewandowski

David Lewandowski (PR/US) is an American director born in Puerto Rico, raised in Central Florida and living in Los Angeles. He studied film before moving west to pursue a career in animation and began experimenting in making his own videos while establishing himself as a freelancer. In 2008, he began a three-year intensive collaboration with Fatal Farm, a comedy group in Los Angeles, where his visual effects, writing and directing skills flourished while helping create Lasagna cat 2.0, Tales of the Old West, Infinite Solutions, and several short films. David simultaneously reached a career high in commercial animation, playing a major role in the opening title sequence and motion graphics for the films Tron: Legacy and Oblivion. With these projects he gained the experience essential to creating his own pipeline and process for creative projects of his own. His focus has shifted away from graphics and towards developing original artwork and narrative. After attracting seventeen million online views, his first short film Going to the Store was a part of the SXSW film festival and has been licensed by Adult Swim, VH1, and several European television networks. This year he was also recognized by MTV with a VMA nomination for “best visual effects video,” for directing Flying Lotus—Tiny Tortures, and nominations at the UK MV awards for best foreign video and best visual effects.

Music: The Mexican Cactus, by composer Jean-Jacques Perrey (UMPG)

Sound designer and original grocery store music composer: Jamie Vance

On-set vfx assistant: William Mendoza

Fluids artist: Josh Johnson

Colorist: Christian Sprenger

Special thanks to: David Estis, Karina Benesh, Maxim Lazarov, Zachary Johnson, Jeffrey Max, Fatalfarm, Superior Grocery, Meea’s hotdogs, The Oinkster, and CVS Eaglerock